renovatie zuidergasfabriek (with milan seegers)

The spatial image that this monument emphasizes throughout history should not be changed, it should be enhanced where possible. Next to this building specific task, also the quality of the direct surrounding should be adjusted to the future context.


1 box-in-box

The existing facades act as shells for the new implemented spaces. Behind these shells multiple coherent climatised boxes derive, which contain new program such as doctors offices, atelier spaces, a pharmacie, etc.

2 underneath the ground

The architecture of the exterior monument should be kept and therefor an approach for new spaces comes from underneath.

3 public space

The quality of the new building can only exist by attaching to and upgrading the direct surrounding. The design will include the area behind the building in the overall masterplan by interventions on the leven of the landscape and a connection through function, a sculptural garden connecting the lanscape with the atelier.

The building opens up completely to this side with a fully glased facade. By this open facede the exterior with its atmosphere and light will enter the building and vica versa.

The other side of the building keeps the monumental urban characteristics and will only be restored to the original intentions.

The program, divided on different levels, can be approached on two ways from the surrounding. Allthough internally the connections between the functions are well organised and strongly present.

The main separation made in the approach contains the following two:

The original entrances of the monuments give entrance to the healthcare profram, such as the doctors offices, a pharmacie and a child health clinic. This approach is emphasized and accentuated on urban scale.

The approch on the north declines to the basement level, to the new ground floor. This entrance is for larger groups of people, who visit the information center, the multifunctional space and the ateliers.

Beside this strong division in landscape, the internal relation shows a strong coherence by airbridges, stairs, elevators, but also by voids and seethroughs the complete experience is guaranteed.