competition for the regional headquarter of Rabobank Heerlen (second place)

(together with architectural office vdhdw)

Together with architectural office vdhdw, jvdharchitecture worked on an invited competition for the transformation and extention of the regional headquarters of Rabobank in Heerlen, Limburg.

In the proposed design we intended on transforming the existing building into a market-based office with a contemporary architectural expression. A logical routing will create a better regulation in the building. We introduced a multifunctional zone in the middle where staircases connect the different levels through voids and people can have informal meetings. The offices are located mostly towards the facades to increase the quality of the working spaces with sufficient natural daylight entering.

An introduced shed roof closes the void between the two existing volumes and together with the three level implementation on the southside, it increases the amount of floorspace the rabobank needs.

The architectural expression is made by a neutral, but transparant shell and infills are made with wood.