oneconcrete+  submission for the 5th concrete design competition 2011-2012

(with Jasper Bus)

The common used concrete core activation uses the accumulating property to heat and cool the interior spaces through radiation and conduction. Although this technology has many possibilities, it is still today a limited energy solution.

oneconcrete+ anticipates on the accumulating capacity as the core energy property of concrete.

Concrete has many strong characteristic that can be used for a better energy use and storage. Facades are the thermal barrier in buildings, and therefore the most important part in the energy question. oneconcrete+ has energy sufficient circuits integrated in a monolithically concrete facade.

oneconcrete+ uses two circuits on the inside and the outside of the facade. The steel reinforcement on the inside is being used to transport heat (winter situation) or cold (summer situation) to acclimatize the building. The outside facade is exposed to different temperatures over the year, hereby the concrete is being heated up or cooled down, giving the opportunity to store this energy. The second system circuit on the outside of the facade extracts the environmentally absorbed heat (summer) or cold (winter) through water tubes and stores the energy in aquifers in the ground. This stored heat and cold is being used to acclimatize the building through the first circuit by the steel reinforcement.

oneconcrete+ is a full integrated solution for harvesting and storing energy for total climate control in future buildings.