intervention Hamburg; the intermediate level between architecture and urbanism

(with Jasper Bus)

The design proposes an intervention that acts on both urban scale and architectural. The site is located on the south side of the main trainstation of Hamburg (GER) and has the opportunity to enhance the connectivity and accessibility for pedestrians.

What we propose is conflict free connections:

- between the city centre and the outer city on the east side of the station;

- with the station (and thereby making an extension of the station);

- to the office district to generate a better accessibility towards this area.

The urban space is strongly defined by the contrast between the empty space and the four big surrounding public building and auto ways. The intervention tries to act without interfering with the existing, well functioning, car traffic and train traffic.

This results in a design on three levels:

- the train level which is seven meters below street level;

- the second level is the same as the existing street level;

- the third level is a new introduced level which is six meters higher.

This last level, the so called fly-over, is designed, detailed and materialised on a contemporary way, while the street slab makes by his materialization a connection to the existing urban surrounding. Where the fly-over touches the ground surface it continues for a while in the pavement by which it attracts visitors and attaches stronger to the city.

To enhance the vitality of the area we introduce a hotel, which is located just a bit below the busy traffic lines near the station and offers 17 levels of hotel rooms of about 30m2. The connection with the two slabs is transformed into a cafe, while the upper two levels contain a restaurant and a conference centre.

On the fly-over near the station, a little shop is designed where small functions related to the station can be. By doing so, the interaction with the station itself is enhanced.

We see that our design aims on an attractive and conflict free routing for the pedestrian and acts on both urban - making connections between areas and districts - and architectural scale - generation functions, making connection on smaller scale and introducing a recognizable object next to the second most large trainstation of Germany.

pedestrian area in existing situation

pedestrian area in proposed design

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