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A gradual transformation from learning to playing makes it possible to bring education, daycare and neighborhood functions together in a new multifunctional building. The building has three zones: education, daycare and evening use. A play-/learning zone creates the transition from concentrated inside learning to free outside playing. The learning zone is situated on the street side and beholds small classrooms that can be interconnected. The classrooms are closable.

The groundfloor is created as an open spacial structure and multiple functions will suit the floor. Initially the ground floor is designed as a room for playing, doing sports and aula, but also usable voor big school-, daycare, or neighbourhood use. Spaces can be separated by a curtain.

Daycare is situated on the first floor in the play- and learning zone. This is also a relative high room with a minimum of structural obstacles, so a free layout that’s offers the possibility for playing and other activities.

De not build outher space is almost completely designed as playing zone. As the theme asks, the playing starts already inside and flows naturally into the outher space. For this there are in the backfacade glass taatsdoors by floorheight. Opened the border between inside and outside becomes a beautiful transition. The floor of the aula is paved with rubber tiles, which is the same material as outside.

The spacial use during the day on different floors. Closable spaces and building parts from the learning zone, create flexible use of the multifunctional spaces towards the playing zone.

The concept of the gradual transformation is visible in above schemes (plan and section). Towards the Elandsstraat the intensity of function gets more dense. Towards the back the spaces grow, become lighter and the building flows seamlessly into the outher playing space.