visulisation for the transformation of the former Technology Museum in Delft

into the creative cluster C2   (

cepezed has acquired the former Technology Museum at the Ezelsveldlaan in Delft and over the coming years, it will transform the premises into the creative cluster C2, a collective company complex for enterprises in the creative industries branch.

After the thorough renovation, the architectural office itself will also establish its residence in one of the monumental halls, which date from the beginning of the 20th century and were originally constructed to teach the workings of steam and combustion engines to students of the Technical University. cepezedprojects, the developer associated with cepezed,  will move along and plays an important role in the redevelopment of the property.

The ensemble has a number of very characteristic elements such as an open roof construction of iron, a heavy crane way, gallery floors and a variety of constructional-decorative details. In 1990, the buildings were registered as a local monument and in 2003 they even acquired the status of a national monument.  

When the Technology Museum left the complex in 2008, the weekly magazine of the Technical University called the creation of former government architect Jan Vrijman (1865-1954) ‘the dream of many an architecture devotee’. The journal specifically discussed the industrial atmosphere and high degree of daylight incidence, which were an impediment to the museum, but on the contrary fit the character of an architectural office like cepezed very well.

With the renovation of among others the bonded warehouse building in Rotterdam, Building 51 in Den Helder and theTextile Museum in Tilburg, cepezed has ample prior experience in revitalizing important industrial inheritance.

The office is already talking with several potential tenants interested in the location and the synergy that the concentration of enterprises in the creative industries generates.

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